The Art of Aegea Barclay


My Background


Aegea Barclay is a native of the Northwest and a graduate of Cornish with a BFA. She is an abstract artist who specializes in the interaction of color. Aegea opened her own business, Aegea Design, in 2007, where she creates custom paintings for commission-based buyers for homes, offices and galleries. Her work has been exhibited in Foster/White Gallery, Four Seasons, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Starbucks Headquarters, and more, with notable patrons including Charlie Sheen, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grammy Award winner, Layzie Bone, and NBA player Spencer Hawes.

About Me


My work is a collection of who I am. Painting is my outlet to tell the story of my life. I paint the feelings in my soul which come out in the expression of colors and geometric patterns. The interaction of interlaced color fields tell stories of the paths of my journey.  I painted this whole last collection while I was pregnant with my new born daughter. She inspired me to paint the emotions and feelings of this new chapter of our lives.   

My Medium


I stick to Acrylic as my main medium. My artistic process is about the interaction of color.  Acrylic on canvas is the perfect medium to explore these techniques for me.